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Monday, April 18, 2005

My love for the Amazing Race

I don't know if you are a huge fan of Amazing Race, but I am. I love watching this show, because it shows the viewers different countries, cultures, team work, leadership, and ethics. While having the opportunity to travel to Italy this past Spring Break, I felt so fortunate for the opportunities we have in the United States as well as the facilities. When watching the teams that are remaining on the Amazing Race, I still feel very fortunate. The episode that caught my eye the most was the orphanage in Africa. These children have very little, and I remember complaining a few minutes before the episode started about my living quarters. Each of the teams that are remaining are all extremely different, and all have different ideas of how to win the races. These teams are showing leadership threw the decisions there making on how to perform the task, their attitude towards performing the task, and how they are working with other teams. One specific team that has been doing well, I feel has gotten to where they are in the game because they have been unethical. They have lied to people in order to advance in the game, as well as not helped out any other team members when in need. They have not once put aside that this is a game, and not once thought that these opponents are real people.

I always root for the oldest team, they really do use their knowledge to get through individual tasks, instead of their strength. The older couple who is left have gone through traumatic obstacles like, falling down a cave, missing clues, and getting lost. The couple could have given up multiple times, but they have showed leadership by continuing to take the next step towards the finish line.

Offer Acceptance

While I have been taken you through my interview process this semester, I thought I would advise you on my offer acceptance. I have accepted a position with Target Stores. The position that I will have is called Executive Team Leader. Target is taking there new accepted graduates through an eight week leadership training process. During this training process we are going to be advised on how to motivate co-workers, be a mentor, and fulfill daily objectives. I am looking forward to implementing what I have learned in Leadership Strategies through my training process. I am very excited about working with Target and looking forward to the next chapter of my life.


When we were forced to choose from a category of items if the plane we were on crashed down, I immediately thought of choosing water. Later finding out my group members choose totally different items for totally different reasons. I desired to find out the reasons for their choices. This activity showed leadership because of group members standing up for why they choose what they choose and also their personal experiences. Our group could have taken this exercise lightly and just write down survivor items just to get down, but this activity actually turned into a discussion.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


It was hard to connect to the speaker through hearing him on the phone, but there was a connection. The whole class was looking forward and involved while he was telling us about leadership. I especially liked the part how he centered on his family towards leadership then took it to the next level of implementing on a daily basis.

He has his family come together every morning to remember their family motto and restate how they are each going to do the right thing in every situation. How could a silly book title like "Taking the Poop Initiative" become to successful? After reading it I was able to recount the times I was faced with situations like these and remembered how I reacted.

Good choice of speaker:)

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Communication Lecture

Today's exercise allowed myself and the class to see the importance of communication with and without feedback.

This kind of exercise would be good for groups that are starting to form. It will allow each of the group members to realize the importance of communication from the very beginning.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Goal of this Week as a Group Member

My goal for this week as a Group Member is to continue to keep perfect attendance in CSR 309. I also hope to improve my attitude towards group assignments and be more involved in the Group Blog. I feel I can be a better group leader by creating weekly goals for myself in order to improve my performance and the groups.

An Amazing Week

During spring break I traveled through Milan, Florence and Rome during Spring Break and visited the Coliseum, Vatican Museums and St. Peter's Basilica. Pictures can be viewed at this link http://community.webshots.com/user/foxytns235

I am ready to conquer the last few weeks of college!!!! Looking forward to interviewing with two different companies this week and the next and accept an offer by April 15.

Thursday, March 10, 2005


Dr. Feinburg's lecture on "Know exactly what is expected of you for success."
I know what is expected of my by my leader because the leader has given all the group members a hand-out of how she is grading our performance.
While the class syllabus defines the percentage points of the assignments, I do not know how I am graded by the president or professor.
With my past professional internship, I have felt comfortable talking to the regional mangaer (my manager's boss) and president.
I am just frustrated that I feel like I am performing well but I do not have any feedback from the people that count the most.


I received my first offer!!!!!!!!!! I was excited to receive the offer, but I have not decided to accept it or not until March 25.
I have two days left to hear from another company, if I do not receive an offer I will be very dissappointed.
So, I'll continue to keep you posted........

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Good Leadership Website


Good Leadership Website

Good Leadership Website

Monday, February 21, 2005

Interview process

After recently completing three weeks of extensive interviews with over ten sales companies. I have been offered as of February 21, 2005, 2 second interviews. The companies that I am interviewing with again are Consolidated Graphics and Canon Business Solutions.
Recently interviewing with Trex decking company, I feel that there are a perfect fit for what I am looking for in a company. So, I hope to hear from Trex soon as well.

"Even a brick wants to be something"

Sink or Swim

Leadership can be like swimming. A leader just like a swimmer must prepare for its challenges and competitions. In order to prepare leaders make acknowledge their strenghts and weaknessess to improve.
If a leader jumps right into the situation (water) without preparation, the leader is bound to sink him and his followers.
Success is based on preparation, attitude, and self-motivation.